2021 Capital Markets Landscape Deep Dive

Evolve Capital is excited to release our “Capital Markets Landscape: Industry Deep Dive,” a 50-page almanac diving into trends cutting across the capital intensive & advisory, service providers and software / data solution providers in the space. The pandemic was key in bringing large numbers of retail investors into the space, with many learning how to trade stocks through tools that are easily accessible at home. In addition, the pandemic highlighted the need for continued digital transformation, as firms continued to raise capital and acquire firms that can supercharge their growth in this digital age. We constantly receive inquiries from our clients and key accounts on how they would fit into the capital markets landscape or where the capital is flowing. Hence, our “Capital Markets Landscape: Industry Deep Dive.”

Digitization of Traditional Insurance Distribution Firms

The Evolve team recently returned from InsurTech Connect (ITC), the world’s largest insurtech conference in Las Vegas last week.  After a two-year break hiatus because of COVID, we noted the increased attention to digitization of traditional players, and it was a common theme across many conversations.  The research note was penned before we departed to ITC, but our conversations with conference attendees further supports our thesis. Enjoy our note on M&A and partnerships driving digitization.

Successfully Managing Inbound Investor and Banker Inquiries

Today’s competitive deal sourcing market requires an efficient and effective approach to manage inquiries from investors and bankers. Evolve’s approach, sharpened over a decade of refinement, has served us and our partners well, leading to successful deals and partnerships. We highlight key points from our approach that will be useful as you leverage inbound leads to your advantage, which will help you to generate new business, gain insight into competitors and help prepare for your company’s sale or recapitalization.

ABS East 2021

December 13 – 15, 2021

IMN and FIIN are excited to announce the 27th Annual ABS East conference serving to connect the securitization community, including Regulators, Fixed Income Investors, Issuers Funding via Debt Capital Markets, and more.