The Evolution of Evolve Capital Partners

In 2012, Alexander Koles recognized that the investment banking needs of firms in the lower and middle-markets were underserved by the larger and even more boutique investment banks. Smaller and more nimble startups were about to create a new infrastructure to serve these companies—and Evolve Capital Partners was founded. Today, Mr. Koles continues to watch as technology rapidly disrupts the delivery of financial services and focuses on the challenges and opportunities this disruption presents to the firm’s clients.

Recognizing New York City as the global financial capital, Mr. Koles elected to found the firm in New York, NY, and began bridging the gap between investors and strategic acquirers for emerging companies in the FinTech sector. He educated those investors on key trends in the financial technology space and provided comprehensive market research. Evolve Capital Partners then stepped in to introduce the informed buyers to suitable sellers at the intersection of finance and technology.

With over 30 engagements executed by its leaders, Evolve Capital Partners has served as a proud partner, bringing valuable advisory services to both investors and emerging companies.


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