Each quarter, Evolve Capital Partners takes an in-depth look at the market and transaction themes occurring in the sectors we cover.

  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q3:2019 Quarterly Newsletter

    • We dive into the evolving and growing crowdfunding sector, which has over 600 platforms globally. The traditional players (e.g. LendingClub) dominated in the early years but there is strong growth of platforms catering to alternative investments across multiple asset categories (e.g. GroundFloor, Roofstock or YieldStreet).  We sense consolidation around the corner.
    • Dental billing shines in a fragmented medical billing space. Dental practices, while exhibiting a level of stability and growing at rates well beyond GDP growth, have diverse needs that are unmet. The recent HIG investment into Medisund is a possible bellwether of activity to come.
    • Finally, the InsurTech space is nicely maturing, as are its transactions. The sector is no longer to be marginalized, as a slew of transactions (M&A and strategic investments) continue at a strong pace and probably won’t abate.  Hippo, a leading home insurance firm, raised a large slug from Bond.
    • In this issue, we pause our CEO interviews, but if you would like to be profiled in a future issue, please reach out to us, as our distribution list exceeds 5,000 strategic firms and investors.

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q3:2018 Quarterly Newsletter

    • We discuss the evolution of FinTech since the late 2000’s through today (we are in the Fourth Stage where AI is gaining acceptance), rising adoption of technology in financial services and return of intermediaries in insurance
    • Interviews with executives from these disruptive insurance technology companies:  Trov, Slice and Socotra
    • Financial services and technology have gone through four stages since the late 2000’s.  We are now into the stage where AI and machine learning are being rolled out across organizations to drive operational efficiencies
    • Insurance “intermediaries,” which can invoke up a love-hate relationship, continue to be integral in the insurance markets and are deploying technology to create “rich” digital experiences.  Two of our favorites are Bold Penguin and Swyfft (both are profiled)

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q2:2018 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Focus on Open Banking, Wealth Management Tech 3.0 (building on our Q3:2017 Newsletter) and Data & Analytics
    • Interviews with executives from these emerging companies PeerIQ and Pefin, and a detailed case study of N26, a mobile bank
    • Open Banking: APIs Ushering in a Sea of Change in Banking
    • Wealth Management 3.0: An Increasing Use of RPA in Customer Functions and the Rise of Hybrid Advisors
    • Exchanges diversifying revenue streams with analytics

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q1:2018 Quarterly Newsletter

    We adjusted our Exclusive Quarterly Research & Insight newsletter title from the end of the quarter to the start of the quarter; hence, this issue’s title is “Q1:2018“.

    • Focus on RegTech + Blockchain, Remittances and Insurance Tech 2.0 (building on our Q3:2017 Newsletter)
    • Interviews with executives from these emerging companies North Capital, MatchMove Pay, and Insuritas
    • RegTech + Blockchain:  Blockchain is integral to RegTech as regulatory requirements increase
    • Remittances: Mobile wallets cashing in on explosion in global remittances
    • Insurance Tech 2.0:  Reinsurers sidestepping legacy carriers by partnering with TPAs and MGAs

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q3:2017 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Focus on FinTech and increased activity in the ISVs, VARs, and Integrated Payments; Wealth Management Tech 2.0 and Risk Analytics spaces
    • Interviews with executives from emerging companies Trizic, Rapid Ratings, and SwervePay
    • Wealth Techs shifting from customer acquisition initiatives to strategic partnerships for growth
    • Risk Analytics businesses redefining how companies assess and mitigate risk, including newest forms of cyber risk.

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q2:2017 Quarterly Newsletter

    • A look at InsurTech, WealthTech, and HealthTech, with in-depth valuation analyses, public valuation comparables and interviews with management of emerging companies StratiFi, TheGuarantors, and Vestwell.
    • Analytics and digitization revolutionizing InsuranceTech
    • Skyrocketing demand for wealth services from GenX to drive Wealth Tech adoption
    • Customer experience optimization driving healthcare investments

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q1:2017 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Increasing use of payment analytics to gauge consumer behavior
    • Focus shifting from Bitcoin cryptocurrency to Blockchain technology
    • Consolidation in sight for small and medium-sized Enterprise Lending Platforms
    • Interviews with Management of iovation, Cortera and Powerlytics
    • iovation is a leading provider of online fraud and abuse management services
    • Cortera is a provider of online based commercial credit ratings
    • Powerlytics is a market intelligence platform providing accurate and granular financial data
    • Public valuation comparables for Payment Analytics, Blockchain, and SME Lending platforms

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // March:2017 Special Issue on BPOs

    • Special issue following our LeaseDimensions/Genpact M&A transaction
    • In-depth analysis of BPOs and Third Party BPOs
    • Race towards automation, analytics and service-based models
    • Loan servicing, healthcare and life sciences emerging as key growth segments

    Download: March 2017 Special BPO-Newsletter

    Download: Genpact – LeaseDimensions M&A Deal Announcement

  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q4:2016 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Third Party BPO’s experiencing vendor consolidation amid expansion of offerings
    • The rise of the internet of things (IoT) and how data analytics can provide real-time optimization opportunities
    • Online and alternative lending platforms brace for consolidation

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q3:2016 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Focus on capital markets, financing platforms, operations & maintenance and IoT companies in the sustainability space
    • With green energy’s popularity increasing, alternative financing platforms experience explosive growth
    • The sharp rise in the number of companies that produce IoT SaaS applications continues

    Download: Q3_2016-Newsletter

  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q2:2016 Quarterly Newsletter

    • A look at energy storage solutions, market drivers, financing activity and successful business models in this space
    • Discussion and analysis of Chinese M&A opportunities in sustainability and technology companies given falling foreign exchange reserves

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q1:2016 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Factors behind the decline of Yieldcos
    • Impact of tax credit extension on solar financing activities
    • Opportunities and challenges in China’s sustainability space

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q4:2015 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Factors behind the increasing deal activity in the sustainability sector
    • Overinvestment in the LED sector results in recent market correction

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