Each quarter, Evolve Capital Partners takes an in-depth look at the market and transaction themes occurring in the sectors we cover.

  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q2:2018 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Focus on Open Banking, Wealth Management Tech 3.0 (building on our Q3:2017 Newsletter) and Data & Analytics
    • Interviews with executives from these emerging companies PeerIQ and Pefin, and a detailed case study of N26, a mobile bank
    • Open Banking: APIs Ushering in a Sea of Change in Banking
    • Wealth Management 3.0: An Increasing Use of RPA in Customer Functions and the Rise of Hybrid Advisors
    • Exchanges diversifying revenue streams with analytics

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q1:2018 Quarterly Newsletter

    We adjusted our Exclusive Quarterly Research & Insight newsletter title from the end of the quarter to the start of the quarter; hence, this issue’s title is “Q1:2018“.

    • Focus on RegTech + Blockchain, Remittances and Insurance Tech 2.0 (building on our Q3:2017 Newsletter)
    • Interviews with executives from these emerging companies North Capital, MatchMove Pay, and Insuritas
    • RegTech + Blockchain:  Blockchain is integral to RegTech as regulatory requirements increase
    • Remittances: Mobile wallets cashing in on explosion in global remittances
    • Insurance Tech 2.0:  Reinsurers sidestepping legacy carriers by partnering with TPAs and MGAs

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q3:2017 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Focus on FinTech and increased activity in the ISVs, VARs, and Integrated Payments; Wealth Management Tech 2.0 and Risk Analytics spaces
    • Interviews with executives from emerging companies Trizic, Rapid Ratings, and SwervePay
    • Wealth Techs shifting from customer acquisition initiatives to strategic partnerships for growth
    • Risk Analytics businesses redefining how companies assess and mitigate risk, including newest forms of cyber risk.

    Download: Q3 2017-Newsletter

  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q2:2017 Quarterly Newsletter

    • A look at InsurTech, WealthTech, and HealthTech, with in-depth valuation analyses, public valuation comparables and interviews with management of emerging companies StratiFi, TheGuarantors, and Vestwell.
    • Analytics and digitization revolutionizing InsuranceTech
    • Skyrocketing demand for wealth services from GenX to drive Wealth Tech adoption
    • Customer experience optimization driving healthcare investments

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q1:2017 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Increasing use of payment analytics to gauge consumer behavior
    • Focus shifting from Bitcoin cryptocurrency to Blockchain technology
    • Consolidation in sight for small and medium-sized Enterprise Lending Platforms
    • Interviews with Management of iovation, Cortera and Powerlytics
    • iovation is a leading provider of online fraud and abuse management services
    • Cortera is a provider of online based commercial credit ratings
    • Powerlytics is a market intelligence platform providing accurate and granular financial data
    • Public valuation comparables for Payment Analytics, Blockchain, and SME Lending platforms

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // March:2017 Special Issue on BPOs

    • Special issue following our LeaseDimensions/Genpact M&A transaction
    • In-depth analysis of BPOs and Third Party BPOs
    • Race towards automation, analytics and service-based models
    • Loan servicing, healthcare and life sciences emerging as key growth segments

    Download: March 2017 Special BPO-Newsletter

    Download: Genpact – LeaseDimensions M&A Deal Announcement

  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q4:2016 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Third Party BPO’s experiencing vendor consolidation amid expansion of offerings
    • The rise of the internet of things (IoT) and how data analytics can provide real-time optimization opportunities
    • Online and alternative lending platforms brace for consolidation

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  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q3:2016 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Focus on capital markets, financing platforms, operations & maintenance and IoT companies in the sustainability space
    • With green energy’s popularity increasing, alternative financing platforms experience explosive growth
    • The sharp rise in the number of companies that produce IoT SaaS applications continues

    Download: Q3_2016-Newsletter

  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q2:2016 Quarterly Newsletter

    • A look at energy storage solutions, market drivers, financing activity and successful business models in this space
    • Discussion and analysis of Chinese M&A opportunities in sustainability and technology companies given falling foreign exchange reserves

    Download: Q2_2016-Newsletter

  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q1:2016 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Factors behind the decline of Yieldcos
    • Impact of tax credit extension on solar financing activities
    • Opportunities and challenges in China’s sustainability space

    Download: Q1_2016-Newsletter

  • Evolve Capital Partners // Q4:2015 Quarterly Newsletter

    • Factors behind the increasing deal activity in the sustainability sector
    • Overinvestment in the LED sector results in recent market correction

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