We Discuss Trends and the Impact of Technology Used in M&A and Capital Raise Transactions

Investment banks that conduct complicated M&A and capital raise transactions are notoriously resistant to deploying technology in their operations. This attitude affects larger investment banks down to the one-man firms advising on transactions, since the transactions are high-impact and there is not any room for error (i.e. highly risk adverse). Migrating these organizations to a 21st century technology stack will result in bankers to dispensing strong advice. Alex Koles, CEO of Evolve Capital, spoke with Federico Baradello, the CEO of Finalis , a VC-backed software driven firm enabling investment banks to operate, in the cloud, all aspects of a transaction.

Our Observations from the Finovate and DigIn Conferences

Insurance is a traditionally staid business that has operated the same way for years. As I walked around the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Conference this year, the conversations were different because the insurance industry is aware the status quo is about to change. There’s a big gap between the established insurance business practices and the new InsurTech world.