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Research Note: Evolve’s 2023 Macroeconomic Outlook

Evolve has prepared a detailed overview for 2023 of how market conditions will precipitate a trend towards value stocks; privately held, founder-owner firms in the insurance, capital markets, and lending verticals that provide mission-critical services are well positioned to receive M&A and strategic investor interest well into 2023.


Evolve Q4:2022 Insurance Claims Transaction Market Update

Evolve is excited to release our “Q4:2022 Insurance Claims Transaction Market Update,” which elaborates our perspectives on valuation trends and market activity in 2022 amid the volatile and uncertain macroeconomic environment. This report focuses on specialized P&C claims management and adjusting services with a deeper dive on catastrophe, where Evolve continues to be active.


Evolve Inflationary Outlook: Everything is Going to be Okay

Current financial reporting is rife with stories of economic volatility and ‘the sky is falling’ predictions. However, much of the analysis being presented is superficial, exaggerated or misguided. The truth can be difficult to decipher, especially if you are considering a high impact M&A or a capital raise transaction.

Evolve Capital has taken a deep dive into the quantitative and qualitative indicators actually present in today’s markets. And our findings point to an economy that is well within normal inflationary measures and is showing clear signs of recovery from the past two years of pandemic upheaval.

Put simply, everything is going to be okay. We expect to see deal volumes and deal diligence return to normal levels following the pandemic-induced spike in 2021 and the first half of 2022.


2021 Capital Markets Landscape Deep Dive

Evolve Capital is excited to release our “Capital Markets Landscape: Industry Deep Dive,” a 50-page almanac diving into trends cutting across the capital intensive & advisory, service providers and software / data solution providers in the space. The pandemic was key in bringing large numbers of retail investors into the space, with many learning how to trade stocks through tools that are easily accessible at home. In addition, the pandemic highlighted the need for continued digital transformation, as firms continued to raise capital and acquire firms that can supercharge their growth in this digital age. We constantly receive inquiries from our clients and key accounts on how they would fit into the capital markets landscape or where the capital is flowing. Hence, our “Capital Markets Landscape: Industry Deep Dive.”


Digitization of Traditional Insurance Distribution Firms

The Evolve team recently returned from InsurTech Connect (ITC), the world’s largest insurtech conference in Las Vegas last week.  After a two-year break hiatus because of COVID, we noted the increased attention to digitization of traditional players, and it was a common theme across many conversations.  The research note was penned before we departed to ITC, but our conversations with conference attendees further supports our thesis. Enjoy our note on M&A and partnerships driving digitization.


Successfully Managing Inbound Investor and Banker Inquiries

Today’s competitive deal sourcing market requires an efficient and effective approach to manage inquiries from investors and bankers. Evolve’s approach, sharpened over a decade of refinement, has served us and our partners well, leading to successful deals and partnerships. We highlight key points from our approach that will be useful as you leverage inbound leads to your advantage, which will help you to generate new business, gain insight into competitors and help prepare for your company’s sale or recapitalization.


2021 Insurance Landscape Deep Dive

Evolve Capital is excited to release our “Insurance Landscape Industry Deep Dive,” a 73-page almanac diving into trends cutting across the insurance distribution, carrier, service, and software firms in the space. Over the last several years, the sector has undergone evolution as incumbents race to digitalize, new entrants finally rapidly scale, and capital availability has ignited innovation. We constantly receive inquiries from our clients and key accounts on how they would fit into the insurance landscape or where the capital is flowing. Hence, our “Insurance Landscape Industry Deep Dive.”


The Equity Question: Using Company Equity to Attract and Retain Talent

When a company is negotiating a sale or capital raise, one of the important questions that surface is whether it makes sense to put an employee equity plan in place (“The Equity Question”). This is especially pertinent for entrepreneurs that desire to attract and retain talent to grow their business. For those considering an M&A or financing deal, an equity plan is an effective signal to buyers and investors that they are focused on long-term business growth and will help to optimize the company’s valuation.